Fantastic Fours 2

Children in K-4 can learn to read! They begin by mastering the vowel and consonant sounds through enjoying classroom teaching.  Forming blends and reading simple words comes naturally thereafter and then simple sentences.  During the second semester, the children begin reading aloud in smaller groups, or "reading circles".  The phonics and literacy skills learned in K-4 can help build confident readers and benefit the children for years to come as they expand their knowledge in many other areas.

Your child will begin writing their name in our preschool.  Manuscript writing is taught throughout the year.  In K-4, children become introduced to writing by:  writing letters, blends and words, as well as their complete name. Number skills such as counting to 100, number concepts, and basic addition facts are also taught.
The K-4 class may take field trips throughout the year.  Each trip is designed to provide hands- on learning and to enrich classroom lesson plans. Parent participation is stongly encouraged during these events as well as throughout the school year. 
Parental involvement makes the school year even more enjoyable for everyone.  Weekly and monthly newsletters are available to inform you of what your child is doing at school-what they are learning, their adjustments, fun classroom activities, and upcoming events.  These announcements are given to your child inside a folder which is sent home daily and serves as another means of parent-teacher communication.  Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled in the winter and as the need arises.

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