Teachable Toddlers

Our Toddler classroom is ready for exploration! Our spacious classrooms offer a great space for the toddlers to climb, play and enjoy their environment. Our teachers follow a set curriculum that is designed to help toddlers meet their developmental milestones. Through the use of various themes and activities that are designed to help students explore through the uses of their 5 senses. Bible lessons and Bible songs are taught every morning. Our students learn at an early age how to praise God and bless their food. 

Our toddlers are also learning self-help skills including potty training. Through organization and routines, our toddlers are becoming more independent individuals!  Academic development is introduced in our Toddler class through fun songs and activities. Our toddlers learn to say ABC's, to count to 5 and to name objects including animals. Through modeling verbal communication, our Teachable Toddlers are learning how to communicate with the world around them!

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